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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thengai Maangai Pattani Sundal

Sundal is a type of salad very famous in Tamil Nadu. Particularly this sundal is a famous street food. You can see vendors selling this piping hot in small carts in bus stands and railway stations. Those who are blessed with a beach in Tamil Nadu will know about this sundal. Kids sell this in paper cones in beaches. My husband is a great fan of this sundal. He used to buy this whenever we go for a walk around Meenakshi Amman Temple at Madurai or when we go to the park with Sruti. As mangoes are in season, I tried to replicate the sundal at home and was satisfied with the result. PK gave me a thumbs up for the sundal. Even Sruti liked it very much. As the name suggests, the sundal has peas, mangoes and coconut as the main ingredients. I have diced the mangoes but you can also grate it and add to the sundal. 

Dried Green Peas-1/2 cup
Mango-1/2 cup (diced into small cubes)
Carrot-2 -3 tbs Grated
Oil-1 tsp
Mustard-Urad dhal-1 tsp
Hing/ Asafoetida-1/4 tsp
Green Chilly-2-3
Curry Leaves-1-2 sprigs
Coriander Leaves-2 tbs
Salt-to taste
Coconut-1/4 cup (grated)
Roasted Gram Powder (Pottukadalai Maavu)-2 tbs

For Topping:
Carrot-1 Grated

1. Soak dried green peas overnight.
2. Pressure cook for 4-5 minutes the next day.
3. Drain water and keep it aside.
4. Heat oil and add mustard urad dhal, hing and curry leaves.
5. When they splutter, add onions and green chillies.
6. Saute until golden.
7. Add the carrot and mango and saute for a minute.
8. Add the cooked peas, salt, and half of the coconut.
9. Add the roasted gram powder and saute for a minute.
10. Add the remaining coconut and coriander leaves.
11. Mix and remove from flame.
12. In a serving plate/ cup / paper cone take some sundal, top with onion and carrot and serve immediately.


  1. Lovely sundal, perfect sundal to enjoy in the beach...

  2. Healthy snacks for all age groups...

  3. thengai, mangai pattani sundal super...

  4. favourite one....nic nostalgic beach memeories along with it....

  5. you just took me to the beach with this delicious sundal..
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    Event - Celebrate - Summer

  6. Makes me nostalgic, seriously am missing the pondicherry beach sundal here..

  7. My favorite from the sundal family, done so perfect

  8. Loved this yummy snacks, healthy and toothsome.

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  9. Use of gram flour is unique never heard of this

  10. Love the bursting flavors there.


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