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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Malai Mirch - Rajasthan

We now move on to the Land Of Kings - Rajasthan. This is the largest state of India and is ituated at the western side of the country. It shares its boundaries with Gujarath, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. I have made so many dishes from Rajasthani cuisine and once I made a complete thali too. Dall Baati Churma is a very famous combination dish from Rajasthan. Here are some of the dishes I tried from their cuisine. Rajasthani Thali, Daal Baati Churma, Ghevar- rabdi, Moong Dhal Halwa, Churma Ladoo, Mathri, Matta Chaas are the dishes in my blog. When ever I want to try out Rajasthani recipes my first choice is Priya's blog. She is a Rajasthani and she has so many authentic recipes. Today's dish is also from her space. Unfortunately she has stopped blogging but you can read all her wonderful posts if you happen to visit her blog. When I first read the recipe, I was so skeptical to try it. With green chillies as the main ingredient, I was afraid that it will be too hot. But once they got cooked in cream, it reduced the heat from chillies. It was a nice side dish for any rice. Sauteeing the chillies in ghee renders the dish a nice and rich flavour. This is a speciality of Bikaner but now is prepared all over Rajasthan.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amristari Aloo Kulcha- Punjab

Punjab is situated in the North Western part of India. It shares its boundaries with Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir and Pakisthan. Punjab is the land of five rivers. Punjabi cuisine uses lots of butter, ghee and paneer. Tandoori method of cooking is the speciality of Punjab and all types of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes associated with tandoor cooking are famous in Punjab.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pondicherry Sambar- Pondicherry

Puducherry, previously known as Pondicherry is an union territory situated at the east coast of India. It is also the French Riviera of the east. For me Pondicherry bring me so many childhood memories as I lived there for five years. I joined a school in Pondicherry for my fourth standard and studied until eighth standard. Then we shifted to Mysore. Though I don't have contacts with friends from Pondicherry, I have so many fond memories. Every weekend dad would take us to the beach. He used to say that whereever you are, if you walk in the east direction, you will end up in beach. This may seem silly now but during those days, the mere thought of beach brought joy. We used to go by walk to the beach. it was a long way but walking through the busy Nehru Strret was so much fun. Dad would take us to a sweet stall, where we would enjoy kheer kadam, rasmalai, rasgollas and then we would walk and reach the chaat wala. He was the best chaat wala and the paani puris he served were so delicious. Even now I remember that taste. Then comes the ice cream. Dollops was famous at that time and we would get aflavour of our choice. Byt he time we reach beach, we would be full. Then time for playing. And while returning we would be dead tired. Then I will be eagerly waiting for the next weekend. Seafood is very famous in Pondicherry and grandma would take me to the fish market. I was so afraid of the crab stall as the crabs would be crawling all over. I could write on about my experience in Pondicherry but a single post is not enough. So let us move on to the recipe of the day.
Though I remember so many things about Pondicherry, I really didn't know anything about their cuisine. I really miss my mom now. If she was there I would have certainly asked her about the authentic recipes. Now it is only google for me to help. I saw the recipe for this sambar at Aparna's blog. It was so different from the sambar I prepare. So I opted this recipe. It was so delicious. I made it for breakfast and served it with dosas and the same with rice for our lunch. Either way it tasted great. 



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